On Maggie’s Farm, a small property outside Oxford, founders Jerry and Carolyn grow vegetables, nurture grandchildren and share wood-fired pizza with friends and family. Maggie’s Farm, named after their first labradoodle, is home to their first wood-fired pizza oven where Jerry refined his recipes for Neopolitan-style pizzas. Growing up in New York, Jerry’s early memories of pizza, family and food are woven into his desire to “serve up happiness”. Maggie’s Farm Pizza partnered with Roc Kemmerer, who personifies a passion for service, to bring pizza with happiness to the community.

Much of the garlic, basil and brussels sprouts used on a regular basis at Maggie’s Farm Pizza are organically grown on the farm.

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5pm-8pm dinner



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Co-owners Jerry and Carolyn are passionate about pizza, and Maggie’s wouldn’t be Maggie’s without inspiration from some of the greats. With that, we tip our hat to some of the best pizza joints across the country — hand-picked by Jerry and Carolyn for their must-try pies.